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Saturday 28th April

The Town Council arranged a drop-in session for the residents of Llanwrtyd to meet the  Police . It was an opportunity for you to have your say on issues that concern you in Llanwrtyd. 

PCSO Jo Kelham and her colleague were in attendance together with fire officers available to give advice on how to stay "fire safe" in your home.

       This was an opportunity missed by many as attendance at the event was very disappointing.

Our First Street Market!

                                                         The essence of the day -fun and laughter!

Across the Square.

                                                 Band perspective !

Bank holiday Monday saw Llanwrtyd Wells come alive with its first ever street market. With the weather on our side the local Community came together to enjoy a fun day of French Crepe making , stalls of all  kinds and mouthwatering food.There was a great atmosphere throughout the day and the Mayor , Mr Peter James, commented that it was good to see the Community come together  to kickstart the fundraising for an exciting new project on Dolwen field. 

Thankyou to all those stall holders who got up with the lark to make their stalls look wonderful , to all those who made the Square look great with the bunting and ferrying tables back and forth, to the band who never fail to make me want to  dance with their music sets and last but not least to all those who turned out to support the event . It really was good to see you all enjoying a chat   and giving so generously.



On Saturday 29th  July Town Councillors gathered for a buffet to say thank you to those Councillors who stepped down  in May and to those new Councillors who have been co-opted onto the Council.

        The Council said farewell to Peter Tonks , Amanda Edwards and Nigel Price and thanked them for their service over the years and welcomed Lorraine Voss, Rachel Hughes and Elodie Lake. 

Small gifts were presented to those stepping down.

A great time was had by all and the food scrumptious.

Notice of Election

Notice of Election 1( English)

Notice of Election 2 (Welsh)


The Elections coming up in May give you the chance to have your say , to put forward your ideas on how things should be done within the Community.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Councillor for the Ward of Llanwrtyd and outlying areas please apply for a nomination pack from the address shown on the notices above.

 If you need any support and/or encouragement please contact Mrs Lynn Ball Clerk to the Town Council on 01591  610656 0r e-mail me at :[email protected]


Glenys Davies Celebrates her 100th Birthday

On Monday 5th September the Mayor , Peter James, and members of the Town Council visited Glenys and presented her with a card and a bouquet of flowers to wish her a happy 100th birthday. She was overwhelmed by the number of cards and warm wishes she had received but said her favourite card was from the Queen


The Mayor presenting Sandra with her plaque and bouquet of flowers

Sandra Davies retires after 35 years serving the Community of Llanwrtyd Wells as receptionist in the surgery.
Today ,21st March, the Mayor, Peter James, presented Sandra with a plaque and a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Town Council to say thank you for her long service to the residents of Llanwrtyd Wells in her capacity as receptionist at the surgery.

Its Black Friday  in more ways than one on Friday . The Bank will close its doors at 12 noon.At  a meeting last night it was decided to make one last stand. These were the actions that we decided to take:

Immediately for Friday

Cllr James suggested that since Friday is black Friday we could capitalise on our plight using black Friday as a media hook.

The following ideas were explored:

  • As Pat is retiring we could present her with a box of Black Magic
  • The flags over the bank need to be flying
  • As many people as possible congregate outside the Bank to voice our disapproval
  • A flock of black sheep be driven through Town
  • It’s a Black Friday for Llanwrtyd because we can’t access our money to spend on Black Friday
  • Invite a representative from Barclays to give advice on how to change account to another Bank –an advice stall to be set up outside Barclays.
  • Invite local MPs to event
  • To explore as many media coverage as possible.
The Mayor is asking the Community to come together to voice our disapproval of the Bank closure and to find any avenue for media coverage possible. People will be congregating outside Barclays bank at 11:00am on Friday morning.

Bank Meeting 
There will be a meeting for all those campaigning to save the Bank  on Tuesday 27th October at 7:00pm in the big room in the War Memorial Institute. It is hoped that all involved will attend to get an update of progress so far and to discuss the way forward as time is running out fast! 

Bank Update  29/09/2015
Many many thanks to all those who turned up for the Public Meeting on the 25th to hear and contribute to the ongoing problem of the Bank(around 60 people came).
         It was a lively and productive debate with many issues raised.
 Residents were urged to write to the Head office of Barclays and here are  the addresses you need.
Here are the addresses you need to write to;

Mr Adrian Davies (Community Area Manager)


1/3 Broad Street,




[email protected]

Send a copy to;

Mr John McFarlane,(Chairman of Barclays in London)

Chairman Barclays Bank PLC

1, Churchhill Place,


EC14 5HP

E-mail: [email protected]

The overwhelming  feeling of the meeting was;

To investigate a stay of execution since the lease doesn't expire until January  

To continue working with Barclays to retain an ATM  machine in the Town 

To pursue the idea of attracting another Bank to Llanwrtyd

To secure as much publicity for our cause as we can.

The minutes of the meeting will be available on line and in the library when they have been approved at the next Town Council Meeting in October

Once again the Town Council wish to thank all those present for their thought provoking contributions.

We will continue to fight!

 Bank Update    11/09/2015

As you are aware the Town Council has written to a variety of bodies regarding the Closure of the Bank but as yet we have had little return for our efforts. Local newspapers have run with the story but not making headline news . On Wednesday 16th September( at our first Council Meeting after the recess)  a proposal will be put to the table to convene a public meeting to decide a way forward. If this is agreed a date will be confirmed and published.

Closure of Barclays Bank in Llanwrtyd !!
             The Mayor has been informed that news in the Finance Section of the Sunday 
Mail (26/07/2015)stated that  Barclays have drawn up a list of branches that it has earmarked for closure between now and the end of the year.The branches are then listed by month. 
In November 2015 Llanwrtyd Wells branch is listed for closure!! 
The Mayor is requesting that all Councillors, Employers and Residents of Llanwrtyd Wells and the surrounding areas fight this proposal as a matter of urgency.
We will soon have nothing left in Llanwrtyd if we don't make our voices heard!!

Meeting to Discuss Bank Closure 
Town Councillors will be meeting representatives from Barclays Bank on Tuesday 11th august in the large room in the Council Chambers (War Memorial Institute) at 11:00am.
The public  are welcome to attend this meeting and questions will be allowed through the Chair to the representatives.If you could get any questions/comments you may have to the Clerk(with your name attached if you wish) by Friday 7th August. This will aid an ordered meeting without duplication of questions

BANK CLOSURE MEETING – Tuesday, 11 August 2015 at 11.00 a.m.

Last Tuesday members of Llanwrtyd Town Council met representatives of Barclays Bank at a meeting arranged by Kirsty Williams AM, Chaired by Mr Peter James (Town Mayor), and attended by Chris Davies, MP together with members of the public.

Discussion regarding the proposed closure brought to the attention of the Barclays representatives the hardships faced by members of our community who were not able or willing to use internet or telephone banking. It was pointed out that cash deposits would have to be taken to the nearest branch which is Llandovery, Builth or Llandrindod Wells and this involved travelling costs and would increase the risk of crime due to cash in transit and the effect of the closure on the Tourist Industry would be catastrophic.

Although Llanwrtyd Post Office does offer some banking and cash machine facilities and Spar Stores has a chargeable cash machine, in no way could they replace the loss of this Barclays Branch or the loss of the ATM (cash machine) through which, in the last twelve months, 42,000 transactions have occurred (figure provided by Barclays).

Barclays representatives listened to the points raised by Council members which were questions submitted by members of the community and registered the concerns expressed. Kirsty Williams reinforced the arguments put forward when she addressed the meeting and Chris Davies followed up by saying that the hardships that this proposed closure could bring to our community may require him to raise a question on the floor of The House of Commons.

In conclusion, it was suggested by Chris Davies that Barclays review their position and maybe offer a two-year stay of execution on the Bank closure to see how the usage pattern develops. Barclays representatives left the meeting promising to consider this option.

 From the dialogue of the meeting Barclays representatives left under no illusions as to the strength of feeling regarding the closure within the Community.

Just to keep everyone informed of what is happening regarding the closure . It would seem that many of you who have contacted Head office regarding the closure are getting a negative response.
 We continue to fight for the Bank and have written  to : 
The Department of Business in London  
The Treasury in the hope that they will intervene in this decision 
Barclays  PLC in London
The Brecon and Radnor 
The Western Mail 
The County Times
Mid Wales Journal
We continue to lobby our local MP for their support
We are currently waiting responses from these people and will keep you informed of outcomes.

Save Our Surgery

Surgery Update: 18/03/2015

Dr Hegedus was unable to attend the Town council meeting on Wednesday 18th March but the Practice sent this written statement :

"Further meeting held with Dr Walters, Jane Stephens (Practice Manager), Alan Lawrie and Andrew Powell on 13th March.  Alan Lawrie is in regular contact with Kirsty Williams and advised that he would update her after the meeting.   We have received a letter of confirmation following the meeting and further detailed discussions will now take place.

The practice felt the meeting went well, there were positive negotiations and actions to move things forward.  The health board have agreed to taking direct responsibility for the lease with the landlord  and part running costs  to maintain the service.  This would also give stability to Paul.  As we were due to renew the lease in August, this responsibility has been taken out of our hands and therefore closure of the surgery in August will now not happen and we will continue to  maintain medical services.

We have also been in negotiation with the Health Board regarding increased usage of the building in Llanwrtyd for nursing services and enhanced support by the district nurse team, thus confirming ongoing commitment to maintain the surgery and services to the patients of Llanwrtyd and surrounding areas.

The practice sustainability programme  is in its very early stages and we will be making a bid for funding under this, details of the application process have not yet been finalised but it is expected to be by late June.  We are aware that the decision will be made at Local Health Board level and given recent events and discussion regarding Llanwrtyd we are hopeful of a positive outcome but this will not be known until the Autumn.  During this process we will  be seeking the support of our AM’s to ensure that we meet the criteria and achieve a successful bid."

The surgery as you can read will not close in August and the Practice have plans in hand to fight for long term security for Llanwrtyd Branch Surgery.
As a proactive Town Council this issue will remain on the Agenda until there is security in the longer term.

Can I thank the Community of Llanwrtyd wells, Beulah , Garth,Llangammarch and Tirabad for all their tremendous support in this matter , for letters written to various authorities and for signing the petitions .

Lynn Ball(Clerk and RFO for the Town Council)

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